As most of us have come to realize, Ohio has never failed to be very mysterious when it comes to our weather patterns.  There is however, one known pattern that has been scientifically studied and proven over the past decade or so.  Based on these studies, scientists and meteorologists alike agree that the El Niño is showing signs of a possible hot, dry summer here in Northeast Ohio.  With this come numerous decisions for a landscape management company.

Kenny MowingResearch shows that one of the most important decisions to be made is how to maintain turf grasses.  There are a variety of actions necessary to keep a lawn healthy.  These actions are not only important during these hot, dry times of the year, but also during the spring when the turf is in a very active growing stage.  Spring is the best time to prepare your turf for those summer months.  To do this, Brian-Kyles follows industry guidelines based off of horticultural studies and best practices.  This includes keeping our mowing height at around 3” to 4” (depending on grass varieties).  Doing this improves the “shoot to root” ratio in the turf plant.  Having this ratio at a good balance not only helps the turf feed from the nutrients in the ground, but also feed through photosynthesis.  Mowing these turf grasses at a lower height would impede the root growth due to the plant thriving mostly on soil nutrients to grow the leaves.  Thus, leaving less nutrients in the soil to grow a healthy root system to support these leaves.

Another added benefit of maintaining a healthy lawn is helping to prevent weeds, disease, and insects from invading a lawn.  These nuisances can cause more stress on turf during the harsh summer weather, therefore causing it to brown or even worse yet, die off during this time.

At Brian-Kyles, we pride ourselves on following, and training our employees to follow, these strategies, guidelines, and practices.  Giving you, our clients, and your landscape investment a more personalized service.  If you have any questions or concerns about your turf health or height please contact your dedicated account manager.

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