By learning more on the latest residential landscape design trends, you can work with a trusted landscaper and enhance the value of your property. Our team here at Brian-Kyles Landscapes of Distinction is committed to professionalism in design. We research the market carefully to pinpoint the latest trends and to integrate these trends within our work. To help guide you in your upcoming residential landscape design project, we’re offering our insight on the top landscape design trends.

A Turn Back Toward Natural Products

For many years, homeowners had preferred hardscape materials and minimalist designs for their landscape needs. But increasingly, local property owners are now turning toward natural materials and away from geometric patterns. This might be the result of the turn towards organic products, as property owners seek a more authentic appeal to their lawn space, through the integration of freeform decks, and natural water features.

Combining Old and New Architecture

Another growing trend across the industry is the combination of old and new architecture, as property owners mix styles of achieve their ideal aesthetic appeal. The integration of modern elements to offset traditional garden design can provide significant value when you’re searching for a way to enhance the unique qualities of your home.

Active Play Spaces

Where once it was only children that had access to play spaces within the exterior lawn space, now their parents too can access these areas. Landscape designers throughout the country are now integrating active play spaces within their designs. Homeowners are seeking landscape areas in which they can host guests and relax on those quiet nights after work. Many don’t want large lawn spaces and gardens that they’ll have to continually maintain over the coming years. And so choosing to add an active play space to your lawn could free you from lawn care for the coming months and present you more opportunities to enjoy outside time with family and friends.


Another growing and important trend throughout the landscaping marketplace is sustainability. Property owners throughout the country are now choosing sustainable options as a way to enhance their property and commit to preserving the local environment. There are many sustainable options for those seeking stylish lawn pieces and environment-tolerant plants for their home, and so in working with your local landscape design specialist, you can build a plan founded upon sustainable best-practices.

Our trusted experts at Brian-Kyles are offering an unparalleled approach to landscape design excellence. To discover more on our services or the latest trends within the industry, speak with one of our in-house experts now at 844-737-4646.

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  • Leviticus Bennett May 4 2017

    I like your point that property owners are turning toward natural materials. I have always wanted to make my yard feel like a lush haven. I don’t have much time by myself to set everything up due to work and school, so I think I’ll hire somebody to do so. I’d love to include one of the water features you mentioned as well.

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