Brian-Kyles wishes to thank those “superheroes” who took the time to invest in conversation at the Vertical Trade Show. Our representatives, Clayton Fieldhouse and Kyle Maurer, talked a great deal about the value of a partnership with Brian-Kyles. We seek to create wins in all partnerships; treating relationships as equity and serving as faithful stewards of landscape property assets. What this means for BOMA members is defined in more detail below. Read on to discover the ways in which we intend to add value to BOMA Greater Cleveland and its members in 2017 and beyond.


Entering our second year in BOMA, we invested in a Leadership sponsorship as a demonstration of our commitment to the organization. This investment is viewed as a way to maximize our exposure in order to share our story, as we believe very firmly that BOMA members would benefit greatly from the solutions and partnerships we provide. Just like BOMA Greater Cleveland, we too create distinction while enhancing property values. So the potential for synergies and win-win situations is very real.

Professional Development and Education

BOMA Greater Cleveland seeks to provide timely educational opportunities to its membership. Here too is another area of synergy. We invite BOMA members to value-added “lunch and learn” sessions covering important aspects of commercial landscapes and snow and ice risk mitigation. Our team of industry-certified professionals equip building owners and managers with topical, timely and insightful lessons to apply to their properties to be able to positively impact the triple bottom line. To request a free “lunch and learn” strategy session, sign up here.

Access to Critical Information

Another resource we seek to offer BOMA members is exclusive access to relevant content drafted with the building owner and property manager in mind. Knowledge is power and we impart ours in frequent e-newsletters to help building owners and managers make informed decisions with regards to landscape property assets. Our content is also key to staying abreast of industry trends. To sign-up for our “Change of Scenery” newsletter please enter your contact information in the box below titled “Join our “Change of Scenery” Newsletter!”.

Partnerships Based on Value

Lastly, we invite BOMA members to consider a formal partnership with Brian-Kyles in landscape property management by requesting a quote here. Of course, the surest way we add value is through our partnerships in property management, to which our existing clients would attest. With a client retention rate of 95%, it is evident that our clients value our “signature approach” to property management. We are ready and eager to serve BOMA members.

We’ll conclude with a reminder to figuratively “grow with us” as you plant those flower seeds we passed out during the show for the rewards come summer. We invite you to literally “grow with us” as we seek to add value to BOMA Greater Cleveland members through the various avenues outlined above.

Be Distinctive,

Team at Brian-Kyles

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