While this winter has been fairly mild (so far), many of us spend quite a lot of time indoors waiting out the gloom. Whether you’re watching TV, browsing Houzz pictures, or daydreaming about warm weather, winter will eventually come to an end. What would you like to accomplish this spring? Got a new patio or outdoor renovation on your mind? If so, now is the best time of year to get started.

It may seem strange to start planning your spring projects in February, but by doing so you will get a head start on the busiest season of the year for landscape contractors. Think about it: the longer you wait, the busier we get as we start scheduling more and more client projects. Taking that first step may be intimidating, but here’s what to expect during a design and build process:

Color Landscape Design

Our Landscape Design & Build Manager will create a unique blueprint for your project.

  1. Ideas & Research – Make a list of what you’d like built and your design preferences. Do research to get some design ideas and/or find some pictures to show us (the more, the better!) We recommend checking our website and Houzz for inspiration.
  2. Contact Brian-Kyles – Tell us what you’d like accomplished with your project. We will take vigorous notes about your plan and design goals. Our Landscape Design & Build Team will then reach out to you to discuss your ideas further and analyze potential.
  3. Design – We meet you at your residence and listen to your ideas, likes, and dislikes. We then tailor a unique, individualized proposal complete with blueprints, list of materials, and options. Here, we give you (the client) an opportunity to make any revisions, if necessary.
  4. Finalization and Construction – Once all of the revisions have been made to your satisfaction, we finalize the design and begin construction. Let’s build it!
  5. Completion and Walk-Through – After construction is complete, we will conduct a walk-through meeting to review all aspects of the design and discuss how to care for the project. Should you like us to care for it instead, we can provide those services.

If you are ready to tackle a new design project this spring, contact us or give us a call at 440-934-4024 today.

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