Guess who’s been promoted?? Shaun Keefer joined Brian-Kyles in May 2015 as a Turf Healthcare Applicator. He’s the gentleman you saw last year walking around properties spraying for weeds or applying fertilizer. He’s now an Account Manager for Turf & Ornamental clients, working alongside Kyle Maurer (our other Turf & Ornamental Account Manager, seen above) to handle inquiries and answer questions. Shaun now manages the (former) GFX clients along with select other Brian-Kyles clients. As an Account Manager, his primary responsibility is to serve as a steward in landscape property management for the clients in his care.

Why’d he get promoted? Shaun brings excellent customer service and managerial experience from his previous employment at AT&T and has wonderful communication skills. Since he has worked out in the field, he is aware of the products that we use and processes that we follow. His field experience has also equipped Shaun with intimate knowledge about our clients’ properties that allows him to offer more personalized care. He has done an exemplary job maintaining client satisfaction with his work.

Next time you see Shaun, be sure to congratulate him… he deserves it! Nice job, Shaun!

Meet the rest of the Brian-Kyles team on our web page here.

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