Many investment property owners are now seeking out a professional property management service that will help them to ensure the effective running of their building. But before entering the marketplace and pinpointing a property management service, it’s important to learn more on the qualities required of a professional property management. And so, within this latest post, our trusted team at Brian-Kyles will provide an overview on the qualities that are shared by the leading property managers.

Comprehensive Marketing and Advertising

In working with a property manager, it’s important the professional has experience in marketing and advertising. They should be able to provide guidance on the marketing process and on the best ways to reach a target audience. They should also have experience in researching the qualified renters for a building and in building marketing and advertising campaigns designed uniquely for that qualified audience of renters. This will ensure the investor achieves high levels of tenancy for their property within a consolidated timeframe.

Thorough Tenant Screening and Selection

The quality of tenants allowed into a property is a leading consideration for any investor. For a property to operate effectively over many years, it’s important the tenant selection process is managed by those with experience. Tenants should be thoroughly screened and building managers should ensure the tenant has the required income and background for a positive overall impact on the property.

Reliable Maintenance

Maintenance must be completed regularly on properties to provide tenants with a high-level experience that will help ensure the building is a desirable property for those moving to the region in the future. Maintenance work on plumbing systems, and HVAC equipment should be a leading consideration for management teams. And a structure should be in place for tenants to report any issues they’ve experienced while living in the property.

Pinpoint Accounting

The accounting team working with the property manager should have high-level experience working in similar positions across the region. They should be able to complete their work with precision to ensure all elements of the property are run with an emphasis on cost-efficiency and maintaining value for the investor or owner.

Timely Rent Collection

Rent collection should be completed on a consistent basis throughout the year to ensure tenants are aware of the process and any issues can quickly be highlighted and resolved. Rent collection should be completed alongside the accounting team to ensure all financial elements are coordinated seamlessly.

Our team at Brian-Kyles is adept in the effective operation of large buildings and has experience in the management of all types of property. We’re now offering significant discounts on our property management services. To learn more, contact us today!


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  • Rhianna Hawk January 31 2019

    Reliable maintenance is really important to get from a property management service, I agree. My husband and I have two other houses we’re planning to lease out, and as we want to be as hands-off on the project as possible, it will be important that we have someone who can take care of all details regarding the tenants and the properties. It’s great that we can expect pinpoint accounting from a property manager as well, as you said.

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