Property Management Services

Value-conscious commercial property owners and managers can trust Brian-Kyles property management services to create, maintain and sustain unique landscape spaces. Our goal is to be a full-service, year-round solution for all types of commercial properties and a one-stop shop for all of your exterior property needs. Here is what you can expect from a partnership with Brian-Kyles:


Our experienced and certified team of professional property management services experts know how to ensure that your landscape is sustainable at the very highest standards. We strive for thorough and timely services that manage a professionally groomed appearance. Our sustainable practices and strategies seek to maximize long-term value and improve overall health and function of landscape investments.

Our sustainable snow and ice management strategies make sure that your property is cared for consistently even in the most uncertain weather. Offering 24/7, responsive communication and timely execution allows Brian-Kyles to build trust and alleviate disruption. We provide a full range of commercial snow removal services, from pre-season preparation, winter event reports and updates, proactive communication throughout the season, extensive quality control audits, and post-season reviews to minimize risks in the future.


Timely service you can trust is what you want in property management services, so we make sure that our services are efficient and well-organized. Whether your property is a retail location, an industrial facility, an office plaza, a healthcare provider, or a school, our experienced and professional team will make sure that your outdoor spaces are crisp, clean, and functional. In addition, we specialize in helping you minimize risks on your property through highly efficient commercial snow removal operations that employ innovative liquid anti-icing and de-icing agents as a more complete arsenal to combat winter’s uncertainty.


Your property is an investment and a reflection of your brand. Our goal as stewards of your property is to tailor specific property management services to not only maintain, but enhance your landscape investment. That means that we will be proactive to identify problems before they arise and responsive when they do. We offer a full set of winter property maintenance solutions like plowing, salting, liquid treatments, hauling, stacking, and sidewalk clearing to protect your assets, both physical and people, during winter. Stewardship for us is a culture and process that distinguishes our property management services.


As stewards of your landscape investment, we seek to provide property management services which don’t just maintain but actually increase your property value. Over time, you may want to expand or change your outdoor spaces to add visual beauty to your property, minimize wintertime risk, or add outdoor space for employees or clients to meet.  At Brian-Kyles, we offer innovative design solutions that can help solve problems or add value to your commercial space. Better yet, we work with our clients to provide unique and distinctive designs that meet your specific needs.


Brian-Kyles property management services partners with your facilities and operations staff to make sure your exterior spaces are well-taken care of all year long. Can you trust us? As a second generation family-owned business, we have been servicing Cleveland area commercial properties since 1988.  Commercial property managers and owners are not just looking for contractors, they are seeking a partnership. They find exactly that in Brian-Kyles, as we have a client retention rate of 95%; 15% higher than industry average. For the best possible property management services at the most reasonable price, partner with Brian-Kyles.

Offering a wide variety of commercial services for value-conscious customers, Brian-Kyles is an indispensable partner in year-round property management.

brian-kyles-property-management-landscapingThe Brian-Kyles Signature Approach to commercial property management is uniquely suited for retail facilities of all stripes. Through the development and implementation of “Sustainable” landscape strategies, we maximize the value of each real-estate investment. A beautiful curb appeal is important. Equally as important is taking the right steps to maintain a healthy landscape for years to come. Retail managers understand the importance of ensuring this type of reputation of excellence.

brian-kyles-property-management-paneraSustainability to Brian-Kyles is ultimately about bringing returns on landscape property investments. It’s an investment noticed by patrons when deciding where to shop, dine, and socialize. It’s how an inviting atmosphere is created and a quality image is portrayed. And when the landscape is not in bloom during the winter months, “Sustainability” transforms into sound risk-mitigation strategies, ensuring safe access and undisrupted operations.

brian-kyles-commercial-landscape-mangement-industrialThe aspect of the Brian-Kyles Signature Approach to commercial property management appreciated the most by industrial and manufacturing clients is “Partnership”. In this case, partnership is measured in opportunity costs. We understand that your business thrives when time, talents and treasures are not misapplied. Thus the value of working with Brian-Kyles comes with the peace of mind of knowing that issues with regards to the landscape will be handled and production will proceed as normal even during snow storms.

Partnership to Brian-Kyles is ultimately about building trust. Providing quality-based landscape services and timely snow and ice removal services allows us plenty of opportunities to build that trust. Industrial clients trust Brian-Kyles to proactively solve issues on the property and to operate as an extension of the business during the demanding winter season. Time otherwise spent on these important operating line items could instead be focused on more important things to your business.

brian-kyles-office-property-summit-lorainCommercial office spaces thrive under management by Brian-Kyles as a result of the “Professional” image portrayed. In fact, the universal language amongst tenants, owners and property managers is the language of professionalism. The team at Brian-Kyles understands that the landscape around your office is your first impression. Ultimately, the landscape is so much more: it reflects the way in which you conduct business. It is essential to your brand and image.

brian-kyles-property-management-cleveland-clinicThe professional end-result is just as important as the manner in which it is achieved. Our client-centric approach includes multiple layers of management all working together as a team to keep the landscape around your office looking clean and crisp. During the winter months, this management philosophy translates into dependable, safe and reliable access for your staff, patients and clients. Nationally-trained and certified team leaders understand that professional courtesy begins with their weekly maintenance visits to your office. Professionalism is not only a core value of our business, but a key tenant in our Signature Approach to property management.

brian-kyles-multi-family-property-managementBy offering an unparalleled level of service based on the principles of “Stewardship”, apartment managers, residential property managers, homeowners, and condominium owners alike find comfort in partnering with Brian-Kyles. As stewards of the place you call home, our team is focused on pinpointing potential issues before they arise and responsively solving them if they do. Our culture of stewardship is a key tenant of our Signature Approach to property management, and it is highly favored in the multi-family housing marketplace.

brian-kyles-housing-property-management-sheffieldThe value of your home and your community is something worth preserving and enhancing. Understanding this, the team at Brian-Kyles provides dedicated and continual service 12 months of the year. The result is an outdoor livable space that is inviting, functional, relaxing, and sustainable. That’s what stewardship of your home means to us.

brian-kyles-public-property-managementPublic-use spaces, from school districts to park facilities, public agencies to municipal sites, benefit from the “Sustainable” tenant of the Brian-Kyles Signature Approach to commercial property management. No industry finds sustainable landscape maintenance at an affordable price more important than the public industry. Too often in landscape property management, “low maintenance” at low cost often translates into neglect. This is what public clients and taxpayers avoid when entrusting Brian-Kyles with their properties.

brian-kyles-public-landscape-managementSustainability means more than just healthy landscapes and healthy budgets. Sustainable risk-management practices in the face of winter’s uncertainty mean continued operations to serve the public good. Children arrive safely at school and the disadvantaged secure necessary resources thanks to the efficient snow and ice clearing operations of Brian-Kyles.