Last month we stressed the importance of preparing the landscape for the long, cold winter with a fall clean-up service. More than just the removal of leaves, fall clean-up services are aimed at protecting the health of landscape investments. We have been busy helping clients who do not contract for fall clean-ups ever since, so reach out to us for a professional consultation if you do not have this service under your existing landscape management contract.

Yet there are a number of other services and activities that can be scheduled during this time as they relate to your landscape. Beyond a typical fall clean-up, the autumn season is the ideal time to consider these services. Again, the professionals at Brian-Kyles are here to help if interested.

  1. fall landscape prepPerennial Division and Transplanting. Now is a great time to divide overgrown perennials and transplant them to fill into bare areas in the landscape beds. This same service can (and should!) be completed for ornamental grasses to keep them healthy as they mature. Ever notice how the center of an ornamental grass hollows out as the grass gets older and older? That is a tell-tale sign that the plant could benefit from division. One plant can become two, three, four, and even more! It is classic addition by subtraction!
  2. Dormant Pruning. We’ve described this type of horticultural pruning As plants and trees go dormant, strategic pruning cuts can be made to regulate plant size, stimulate future growth, remove diseased /stressed wood, and rejuvenate mature plants.
  3. Seasonal Lighting. Interested in decking your residence for the holidays? The retailers don’t wait, so why should you? Create a plan now and contract for a seasonal lighting display to accent your landscape during this festive time of year.
  4. Winter Protection Measures. Mother Nature can be tough, to say the least, this time of year. Too much snow can cause trees and plants to topple over or break, especially those planted as hedges. Excessive cold can damage flowering plants to the point of no return, such as zone fragile plants like Buddleia (butterfly bush). Cold winds can desiccate evergreen trees and shrubs that then become eye sores and expensive replacements. In light of these perils, wrap susceptible plants with burlap to shield them from wind, snow, salt and cold. Contact the team at Brian-Kyles to learn what other strategies are at your disposal. (link to the BOMA winter protection article).
  5. Plan for Next Year! The early bird gets the worm, right? If you are planning or even desiring an upgrade to your landscape for next year, don’t wait until next spring when landscape professionals enter their peak season. Take advantage of the slower winter months to plan, create and design your dream landscape. (link to the landscape article)

As you can see, don’t think of fall as the end. It is a bookend of the landscape season in some respects, but many services can be smartly added or managed this time of year to bring long-term benefits. Typically, autumn is harvest season. But as we’ve just proved, there is still some reaping to do!

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