For clients that have secured mowing services through Brian-Kyles, a bout of heavy or continuous rain may delay your weekly mow. What happens when Mother Nature just doesn’t cooperate? Rain, while good for overall turf health, makes managing the turf somewhat difficult. Mowing wet turf looks bad, from tire marks tracking mud throughout the property, to grass stains on pavement surfaces. But the problems that arise as a result of mowing wet turf go beyond just aesthetics.

Turf Health

Beautiful lawnBeyond the obvious, there are practical concerns which all affect short term quality and long term turf health. It is difficult to get a clean cut from the blades when turf is heavy and wet. As a result, turf sometimes has to be maintained higher than optimal growing heights. This is partly due to the fact that grass has a tendency to clump when wet. Wet turf usually stipulates that mowers should be equipped with bagging devices, which removes important nutrients from being mulched back into the thatch layer. Care must also be taken in order to operate equipment properly to avoid damage caused by heavy ruts.

Decisions are made with long term health as the primary motivating factor. What this means is that the appearance of your turf may be sacrificed in the short-term, if certain long-term health benefits exist. This is a hard concept to grasp, but it stems from the underlining premise that a healthy turf is usually a good-looking one as well. So, if our nationally-trained and certified Team Leaders make the assessment to cut a property, but track mud on the tires during the process, it is because not cutting would be worse. The primary reason in the spring to keep grass at an appropriate height is to prevent diseases. Diseases poses a much larger problem than tire marks or the occasional clump.

Time Allocation

brian-kyles-commercial-landscape-truckGot plans for the weekend? In some cases, one day of rain could mean two days’ worth of lost production. This obviously wreaks havoc on schedules, all of which are designed to deliver a nice clean cut shortly before the weekend while simultaneously avoiding weekend cuttings for residential properties. To avoid this, we juggle routes around and throw extra resources when needed. Route modifications are often made in order to avoid weekend services whenever possible. This is your time to spend with your family. In cases during heavy rains, Saturday cuttings are unavoidable.

In order to avoid weekend services, cutting wet turf is sometimes unavoidable (see the catch-22 here?). In this case, several steps are always taken by our Team Leaders. The first is a property assessment to determine, among other things, the appropriate height the turf should be maintained during that particular visit and which equipment can be used. During this walk through, site assessments are made to determine if certain areas of the property should be avoided for fear of rutting. The type of equipment varies based on a variety of factors, such as grass type, soil type, grass height, property size, and property exposure. This could also vary within the property itself.

Customer Service Is Key

Our Brian-Kyles staff is dedicated to providing high-quality service in a timely matter for all of our clients. Regardless of the obstacles, we’re dedicated to getting it done. Questions regarding rain delays may be directed to our main office at 440-934-4024.


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