Landscape Design & Build

A great landscape starts with an idea that idea creates a vision. That vision allows us to create an everlasting impression for our clients.

At Brian-Kyles, we create distinctive landscapes to fit the needs of value-conscious clients. We know that our client want distinctive outdoor spaces that show off the features of their home or business, create a warm welcome for guests, and provide amazing outdoor experiences.

landscape design & buildWe Start With Your Ideas on Landscape Design

Are you interested in maximizing spaces to play sports in your yard? Or perhaps you are more interested in lush flower gardens? Whatever your dream landscape design might be, we start by talking about what you want.  Whether you have a firm idea in your mind or just a general concept, our experienced designers are able to take your plans and use their extensive knowledge to create the yard of your dreams.

We Work Together

At Brian-Kyles, we know that a landscape design is a major project for our clients, and so we want you to know you can trust us to create a plan you will love. When you first meet with us, we will gather information about your ideas, your needs, and your wants along with what you really like and what you don’t like in landscaping. Not sure? Our experienced design team knows how to ask the right questions.  In addition, we will discuss your budget and show you examples of previous projects to help you envision what you would like.

Finalizing Your Landscape Design Plan

After our conversation, we take your ideas and begin to develop them into a landscape design plan.  We start by doing a site analysis with basic mapping of existing features and elevations on the property.  Then we will create a plan for your new landscape that fulfills your ideas. Next, we will meet together to discuss the design, walk through the building process and present the material options for your consideration.

Pre-Build Preparation

After our conversation, we will tweak the design and adjust the layout to match your selections. We want the process of building to go smoothly, so our team facilitates appointments and presentations that may be needed to get approval from your homeowner association, architectural review board, or city building and zoning permits.

Building Your Dream Landscape

At Brian-Kyles, we want customers to be fully informed about all steps of their build, so we present a formal contract and scope of the work for you to review and sign.  Afterward, our experienced design build team will put together a timeline for the work and gather all of the materials you’ve selected for your project. Before we start the build, we will have a pre-construction meeting so that you can talk with our build staff and ask any questions you might have.

Making Sure Your Investment Lasts

As we do each landscape design, we treat each project as if it was our own. It is important to us to make sure you know how to care for your landscape as it matures.  That is why we schedule a walk-through meeting when your landscape design is finished to explain how to care for your project. For those who don’t have time or expertise to care for the new landscape, we recommend our licensed and dedicated maintenance services.

Why Choose Brian-Kyles?

Our design process and build starts and ends with our client’s needs and desires and we want you to be beyond satisfied with the results. The goal of our highly-experienced team is to create  amazing landscapes that fulfill the distinctive needs of your expectations. Moreover, we offer the expertise of regular maintenance to keep your landscape looking beautiful for many years to come.

Our Landscape Design & Build Process

residential-landscape-management-brian-kyles-patio-stonesAll great landscapes begin with an idea.

We begin with great conversation, openly discussing your ideas.  We are great listeners and gather information about your ideas, likes and dislikes, budgetary constraints, and your wants versus needs.  Trust is earned and we want both parties to be comfortable before taking the next step.

From your original idea through our discovery process, we take your ideas and incorporate our expertise to develop those dreams into reality.  In addition to the creation of a landscape design, we begin by performing a site analysis which includes basic mapping and elevations found on the property.  Once completed, we will coordinate a meeting to discuss the design, walk through the design process, and present material options.

We tweak our design and layout to match your selections.  If the project requires additional approval from homeowners associations, architectural review boards, building and/or zoning permits, our staff will facilitate the appointments and presentations for you to ease the burden.

A formal contract and scope of work is prepared for review.  Once the contract is executed by both parties, our production team will review timelines for commencement of your project as well as procuring materials.  We will schedule a pre-construction meeting to introduce you to our design/build staff and discuss the project execution.

It’s important to us that you care for your investment as it matures.  That’s why we treat each project as if it were our own.  Upon completion of the project, a member of our design/build staff will schedule a walk-through meeting to review all aspects of the design and discuss how to care for the project.  For those who don’t have time to maintain and care for your project, our licensed and dedicated staff will gladly care for it as if it were their own