Over the next month, our irrigation start-ups will be scheduled. Irrigation is meant to be a supplement to natural rainfall, so even though they are not necessary yet, we want to make sure the systems are ready to go for when dry summer weather arrives.

Wendy Vrabel will be reaching out over these next few days to schedule our start-ups since they involve your part in turning on the water supply. If you happen to miss Wendy’s call, please call the office and ask to leave her a message so that she can get you added to the schedule.

Backflow inspections, completed separately, will be tested once the system has been started-up for the year. These tests can be completed independent of your involvement; however, those with internal backflow devices will be notified in advance. All testing paperwork required by local authorities will be handled and submitted on your behalf. The backflow tests are important to ensure that contaminated water does not return to the water supply.

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