brian-kyles-sprinkler-systemDrier weather is upon us, which means your irrigation systems, if present, should be activated. With one of the strongest El Niño weather systems on record, we could be in for a hot, dry summer. The result could bring considerable damage to turfgrass from heat and drought stress. Irrigating will be crucial this summer. For clients that have contracted for start-up services, all that is needed is to turn the controller dial to the “on” position. In the case were repairs to the system are necessary, please call the office to speak with your account manager.

Another reason to irrigate is more of an immediate concern, as turfgrass, especially bluegrass, is under stress from seeding. Spring can be a stressful time for plants as they require a great deal of nutrients and water to flower and set seed. A deficiency in either one could be quick to spot. Water helps the plant recover from stress.

Lastly, clients contracting for turfgrass grub control applications will need to run their systems to activate the product. The insecticide used during this round of fertilization, which is currently in process now, needs to be watered in within a 24 hour period. Even for those without irrigation systems, arrangements will need to be made after the application is applied to soak in the insecticide. So when you see your fertilization service ticket or our applicator on your property, make appropriate arrangements to water. Questions about our current round of fertilization can be placed with your dedicated account manager.

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  • Taylor Bishop May 17 2018

    Thanks for these tips for irrigation. It’s good to know that irrigation can help plants because spring is usually stressful for them. Perhaps it could be good to know when to start an irrigation system depending on what the climate is like in your location.

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