Landscape maintenance is an essential element in keeping your business property at its peak best inside and outside. But your team doesn’t have the expertise or the experience to complete the work alone. And that’s why you must turn to experienced landscape contractors to begin refining your property for year-round performance. However, there are many unique types of contract service available to business owners, and so within this latest article we’ll highlight how to choose a maintenance contract for your property.

Consider the Length of Your Requirements

Most landscape contractors will ask that you sign contracts for a year to ensure round-the-clock coverage for your landscape maintenance needs. But it’s imperative you carefully consider the length of the contract and your landscaping requirements. If you’re planning on adding to your property in the coming months, you might wish to extend the maintenance contract beyond the year to ensure the building looks its peak best during the upgrade work.

Review Seasonal Service Options

The maintenance contract you choose should ideally include multi-year coverage for all seasons. For example, if you sign during the winter time, it should include a full scope of snow removal and de-icing services. While, if you sign for the landscape season, you’ll want to include all aspects, from weekly services, to seasonal clean-ups and everything in between. Take a look at the various elements involved within the maintenance contract and ensure your company has adequate expert coverage for all seasons.

Discuss the Process for Changes During the Contract

Before signing the contract with the landscape company, make sure there’s a process in place should you wish to make changes to the contract. For example, you might find that landscape contractors suggest new or enhancement services above and beyond the base maintenance contract. You should be able to integrate these services within your contract with the company without having to comprehensively change the contract details. Establish a framework for communicating with the company and ensure their team is willing to work with you to ensure your landscaping needs are supported over the coming months.

Base the Service Around Your Business

One of the most common mistakes business owners make in choosing landscape contractors is selecting a contract that doesn’t mirror their organization’s growth requirements, the nuances of the landscape, and their operating budget. By taking your business’s targets and goals into full consideration, you can ensure that all elements of the contract mirror the business objectives moving forward.

Our team is here to ensure your maintenance contract includes the latest services and the most important work required for your property. To learn more on Brian-Kyles and our maintenance work as landscape contractors, please call our team now at 844-737-4646.

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