grubIn early April we discussed the probability of a grub infestation being very high for 2016 and we couldn’t have been more accurate.  Many of our clients may be seeing signs of grubs throughout their lawns, be it in the form of dead/dying grass that is easily pulled up, or small holes being dug by skunks and other rodents looking for a free meal.  The odds of removing every single grub are extremely low but the rule of thumb says that visible damage will be present when there are ten or more of them in 1 square foot of turf.

Going from a very mild winter into an extremely dry summer, conditions have been prime for grubs to make our pesticides marginally ineffective.  Many of our clients have already had us apply a preventative insecticide to try and fight off these pests, however, we are seeing this year we need to do more to control them.

Good news is on the horizon as we have now been applying our follow up treatments for a curative solution on the properties that have already contracted us for the preventative solution. If you have contracted for the insecticide earlier in the spring, be on the lookout for another treatment in the coming weeks.  Not to worry though, we have you covered and are not charging for this second application of insecticide.

For further information on our applications, please contact our office.

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