Summer is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining. Whether it’s BBQs or beverages, good times are sure to be had. One trend that has been growing in popularity is the outdoor fire pit. No longer a simple stack of wood slabs, the fire pit has evolved into a sophisticated and modern piece of the property where friends can come to gather.

Many individuals looking to update their pack patio areas are choosing to incorporate a fire pit or other fire element into the design. Think about it: fire pits allow friendly gatherings to continue into the night. Whether you’re simply sipping a beverages with friends or roasting marshmallows with family, a fire pit provides the focus point for such nighttime activities.

Gas vs. Wood-Burning

Gas fire close-up

Natural gas fire pit with glass pebbles.

Construction of your fire pit is influenced by the type of fuel used for the flames. Newer designs are now incorporating propane or natural gas fuel systems as these are cleaner (no smoke) and burn around decorative features like fake logs, glass pebbles, or stones. Gas systems are easy to use, too, as they don’t require transporting heavy logs to and from the area. However, gas fire lacks the ambiance (the sounds and smells) of a natural, wood-burning fire.

Fire pits that burn wood for fuel are a time-tested and traditional design.  The snap, crackle, and pop of burning wood combined with the wonderful aroma is like having a campfire right in your own backyard. These types of fires don’t require gas lines to be installed underground, either, allowing them to be a more flexible, inexpensive option. If you’re willing to carry and stack wood for the fire (and clean up the ashes left behind), then a wood-burning fire pit is a solid option for you.

Construction is Limitless (Mostly)

Fire pits can be designed in countless ways. Copper, stone, brick, or decorative cement. Round, square, or rectangle. Above or at ground level. Portable or permanently built-in. While we’d like to say “you’re only limited by your imagination”, we must consider fire regulations and safety protocols when installing a fire pit. With nearly 30 years of experience, Brian-Kyles’ Design & Build staff will ensure that your fire pit is designed properly, both functionally and practically, for thorough safety and enjoyment.

Are you ready to design and install the outdoor fire pit of your dreams? Let us give you a free quote today!


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