Sure this seems like an odd question, and a question that may be slightly confusing right?  Let me clarify what this means to the majority of the landscape industry professionals in Northeast Ohio.  You see, most feel and believe that spring is the prime time to plant trees and shrubs.  While spring is still better than summer in most cases here in northern Ohio, fall is a much more suitable time for your landscape plantings.

As has been discussed in every article written this year, the summer of 2016 came in quick and came in harsh.  Most of those plantings performed in spring this year have struggled.  Not just because of the lack of precipitation or watering, but stress from the heat itself makes it difficult for a newly transplanted shrub or tree to thrive.  You see, in the spring, plants need nutrients within the soil to be translocated through the roots and into the growing canopies.  Once the summer starts to warm up and the ground is still cooler, the roots tend to seek the heat of the air and grow toward the surface.  As quickly as the precipitation goes away, so does the moisture in the top of the soil.  Thus, leaving very little nutrients for the newly installed plant to grow underground and provide for the above ground portion.

So what’s the difference in fall?  Well, the ground is still very warm, precipitation is plentiful and the food source is in much less demand as the plants are moving into the dormancy stages.  During dormancy, the plants reliability on food greatly decreases as it is moving out of the growing and flowering stages.  During fall, photosynthesis is starting to slow down and feedings start to become the opposite of spring where the plant is taking the stored energy within its branches and translocating it into the root system.  Planting at this time allows root growth to thrive without the worries of top growth.

grass seed lawn

What other kinds of landscape plants have these same horticulture structures?  Turf grasses of course!   Many of us do not look at turf grass as being a plant and living through the same means as a shrub or bush.  On the contrary though, turf grass works in very similar ways.  When planting seed, scientists have found that a warm soil with cooler air temperatures promotes the best germination rates, along with root growth to help with the winter dormancy period.  This is again why many Northern Ohio landscape professionals choose to plant and rejuvenate lawns during the fall season for best results.

From new installations to landscape rejuvenation, the Brian-Kyles professional team is here to help!  Contact us today to take advantage of this ideal planning window for your landscape make-over or lawn rejuvenation.

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