For homeowners across the region, the design of their exterior landscape is a key consideration in property value. It’s the space in which they welcome and entertain guests and this space must be designed according to the unique requirements of the entire family. To help guide homeowners in selecting their ideal landscape design options, our team will highlight some of the available features offered in the 2017 marketplace.

Climate-Focused Gardening

One of the ways in which our team at Brian-Kyles supports our residential clients while safeguarding the environment is to harness the power of climate-focused plant selection and placement. Our experts, for example, can integrate flower varieties that help homeowners conserve water. In addition, the right type of trees planted in the right place can reduce heating and cooling costs. We also utilize water-efficient strategies in the installation of fountains, irrigation systems and other water features. This ensures the local space continues to look its peak best over many years without high maintenance upkeep.

Color-Changing Plants

Homeowners are often looking to add unique appeal to their lawn space throughout the seasons as they consider their landscape design options. One item that can support this distinct appeal is color-changing plants, which are designed to change colors within the seasons. This will provide the homeowner’s garden with a unique color selection during each season within the year. It’s a great way to maintain control over the appearance of the yard space while reducing costs on new plants throughout the year.

Pivot Doors

An important element in modern landscape design is minimizing the footprint of new additions to the space. Pivot doors act as a way to access the exterior space without having to use a frame and a foundation that will take up space within the yard. A pivot door can be installed by simply integrating a pivot in the ground and then one at the top of the door to allow for a seamless sliding mechanism. For those with separate garden spaces, these doors can add significant long-term value.

landscape designNaturescaping your Landscape Design

Naturescaping is the process of blending landscaping work with the natural features in the area. Our team at Brian-Kyles has years of experience within the naturescaping process. And we can build natural-looking spaces designed to invite wildlife to the space for a natural and vibrant area.

Our team is here to guide you in building your ideal residential landscape design strategy! To learn more on the full range of options available through our trusted team, contact us today at 844-737-4646.

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