It’s a service that many businesses are now considering as essential for their property. Commercial landscaping work has become a prominent option for growing companies, as they look to enhance their brand recognition within the local region. The experts at Brian-Kyles have significant experience within the commercial landscaping marketplace, and in this latest article they highlight how landscaping can help support organizational success.

Promote Company’s Environmental Policy

By working on the landscape surrounding your organization, you can showcase the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation. Customers will see the company’s environmental work in action and be more inclined to support the company moving forward. Landscaping can accomplish green efficiency standards too by serving essential functions like reducing cooling expenses for instance.

Boost the Working Space

The importance of a clean and expertly designed working space cannot be understated. Tenants and clients alike will appreciate a space in which they can walk around the building and enjoy a peaceful time while on breaks communicating with colleagues. Building this type of space highlights the company’s understanding of the employees’ environmental needs and can help foster a culture of collaboration within the organization.

Greater Local Reputation

commercial landscapingWith an improved exterior to the building, your company can enhance its local reputation. Those driving by the building on a daily basis will see the improvements being made and take greater notice of your brand. You can also maximize the amount of local press your building receives by highlighting the upgrades to the property in press releases. This showcases the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship to a wider audience and can help further drive the reputation of the organization.

Choosing a Qualified Landscaper is the Most Important Part of the Process

While commercial landscaping work holds multiple benefits for organizations, only by working with a qualified company can you ensure your business capitalizes on these benefits. Consider the following when choosing your commercial landscaping partner:

  • Their reputation

Are they recognized within the industry? Do they have a number of finished projects or on-going maintenance projects to their name? Try to ensure the company you choose is rated highly by their past clients. Make sure you speak with these clients directly before securing the company’s services. Only one percent of the landscape industry is certified, so finding a commercial landscape contractor who is demonstrates a higher level of professionalism.

  • Their services selection

Companies offer unique services as part of their commercial landscaping work. Make sure the firm you choose has a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you create the ideal landscape for your business.

  • Their values

Does the company make environmental stewardship an important part of their landscaping work? Are they committed to the highest levels of professionalism? Can they incorporate innovative designs and features to make your landscaping stand out? Review the company’s marketing materials and learn more on their values before forming a partnership.

The trusted team at Brian-Kyles is now available to answer questions and help guide your commercial landscaping projects forward. To learn more, call their team now at 844-737-4646.

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  • Max June 12 2017

    I like that you talked about commercial landscaping being able to add to the local reputation that a business could have. My brother has a business with space here in town, and I think that being able to utilize the help of a commercial landscaping service would be helpful for their reputation. I’m going to have to share this with him and see if he notices any differences in his business after hiring a commercial landscaping service! Thanks for the tip!

  • Malia Davis September 6 2018

    I like your tip to go with a landscaping service that is reputable and recognized within the industry. That would really help you make sure you get someone good to do your landscaping for you! We are looking for a landscaper to install a rock wall on our property, and I will make sure we check out their reputation first. I want someone who is highly recommended by locals in this area so that I know they have a lot of experience working with people here.

  • Malia Davis September 18 2018

    I like your tip to make sure the landscaping company’s values align with what you want in your design. Making sure they are aware of and take care of the environment is important, so I’m glad you said to check for that. We are trying to find a landscaper for our property, and I want to make sure they are reputable, so I’m planning on looking at online reviews to see how they’ve worked in the past. Maybe that would give me the chance to see how much they care about the environment as well.

  • Rhianna Hawk October 10 2018

    My boss has been looking into hiring a landscaper and maintenance service for our corporate location, and I think you’re right that having an expertly-maintained outdoor area around our building would really improve the local reputation. I’ve always admired other garden-esque landscapes with the companies in our adjoining area, and I agree that it shows commitment to environmental stewardship. Having a nice space to sit during lunch breaks or just take a breather would be nice, as well, and I definitely think it would be a benefit to our company culture.

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