Commercial Landscaping

commercial landscapingAt Brian-Kyles, we offer commercial landscaping services at competitive prices for value driven clients of all types. Whether you have a retail facility, industrial complex, office building, multi-family housing community, public building, or mixed-use development, our commercial landscaping solutions are tailored to maximize returns. Why is Brian-Kyles your best choice?

Premium Stewardship

Your commercial landscape is what distinguishes your business, draws in clients and retains quality tenants. At Brian-Kyles, we know clients want a commercial landscape that presents their business in the best light and we also know that they have other important property priorities. We don’t just maintain commercial landscapes. Because we consider ourselves stewards of our client’s investment in their commercial landscaping, we are continually seeking to manage a landscape to be healthy, functional and in turn, appealing.

Furthermore, we develop and implement sustainable strategies that can maximize the value of your commercial landscaping investment. These strategies are implemented across the calendar months, as we offer premium services for business continuity through our commercial snow and ice management division.

Technical Competence

Since its founding in the late 1980s, Brian-Kyles has been the trusted commercial landscaping partner for a wide variety of commercial properties in the Northeastern Ohio – Cleveland area. Commercial clients crave not just what we offer, but how we perform those vital commercial landscaping services. In fact, over 93% of the marketplace desires our approach to commercial landscaping. All of our dedicated service team members have extensive experience in handling a variety of situations and are nationally trained and certified. The experience of our service team is evident in our extensive pre-season preparations, regular stewardship updates on client properties, frequent quality control audits, contingency planning, and post-season reviews. Because our team is highly trained and has encountered a variety of past experiences, we provide our clients with peace of mind even when the hardest weather hits. Our experience translates into an efficiently-organized operation which gives consistent, timely service.

Client-First Culture

Our clients come first and they know it. In fact, among clients, as varied as large commercial complexes, to small retail facilities, to healthcare institutions, we have a 95% retention rate. Why do so many clients remain satisfied? They know that at Brian-Kyles we put our client’s needs first. In fact, we strive to exceed expectations, not only with our commercial landscaping services, but also with each interaction with us. We operate with transparent and frequent communication with our clients. As part of our stewardship mindset, we seek to solve problems before they arise, but be responsive and prompt when they do. Our goal is to do our work so that our clients can focus on other priorities.

Trustworthy Professionalism

The Brian-Kyles signature approach to commercial landscaping emphasizes partnership, stewardship, sustainability and professionalism. Our team of nationally trained and certified commercial landscape professionals seeks to provide solutions and services you can trust.  We consider ourselves as partners with our client’s facilities and operations staff and strive to build trust, add value and mitigate risk with each visit to the property. We want every encounter to reflect our integrity, competency, responsiveness and commitment to quality for the commercial landscapes under our care.

Our Services

  • Turf maintenance: mowing, trimming and edging
  • Seasonal clean-ups: spring and fall
  • Turf healthcare: fertilization, weed control, disease control, and pest control
  • Turf revitalization: topdressing, Verticut™ Turf Rejuvenation, Triple Core™ Aerification and overseeding


  • Irrigation start-ups and winterizations
  • Irrigation system audits and programming
  • Backflow testing
  • Pond management
  • Water feature and fountain maintenance
  • Bed weed control: pre-emergent, post-emergent and seasonal programs
  • Bed detailing: edging and mulching
  • Seasonal color: spring, summer and fall annual plantings
  • Landscape lighting
  • Pruning: cosmetic and dormant pruning of shrubs, trees and ornamentals
  • Plant Healthcare: deep root feeding, fertilization, insect control and disease control
  • Integrated Pest Management (IMP) programs