UPDATE: September 20, 2016

The team at Brian-Kyles recently received results of their national landscape industry certification exam and there is great excitement over the results. A total of 9 individuals pursued certification; 70% of our Team Leaders and 100% of our Senior Management team. So in essence, production was shut down for the day as Brian-Kyles invested in the future of its team.

We would like to congratulate Ken Fern for earning his second designation in Ornamental Maintenance! Ken is now the third Brian-Kyles professional to carry multiple designations. Ken’s designation brings our team’s certification total to 18%, which is significant considering only 1% of the industry is certified. We are also pleased that three individuals are only one test away from certification, which is comprised of many hands-on and written exams. Congratulations on a job well done!

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Original post: July 5, 2016

Commercial property managers, building owners, and residential homeowners alike all face one common decision when it comes to managing their landscape investment: who to hire. With choices abound in a crowded market, selecting a qualified landscape management professional can seem like a daunting task. Matters of quality, service, capabilities, relationship, and of course, price, all factor into the decision. Making the decision even more complex is the wide variety of quotes received during a competitive bidding process. Yet there is an important litmus test that can insert some confidence, clarity and trust in the decision-making process: hire certified.

The achievement of the Landscape Industry Certified (LIC) designation from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) demonstrates a distinguished level of professionalism in the green industry. Only a select few landscape professionals working in the United States today are certified, approximately 1%. At Brian-Kyles, that number is over 20%, as we seek to hire and retain one of the most professional teams in the Northeast Ohio marketplace.

We routinely educate our crew on new landscape techniques and best practices.

We routinely educate our crew on new landscape techniques and best practices.

Certification is a stamp of technical expertise; a differentiator when seeking to hire a firm operating in a crowded marketplace. Certification implies that a contractor operates with a higher level of technical competency and proficiency. Considering that a recent survey of 248 commercial property managers and building owners identified quality of work (52%) as the most important factor when deciding on hiring a contractor, certification becomes a trust-builder. In this case, certification begets quality.


In the same way, certification is a stamp of confidence. Much like the confidence instilled by the degrees hanging on your doctor’s office wall, certification grants a peace-of-mind that you’re in good hands.  You would not entrust your money with an investment professional not registered and/or certified with appropriate professional regulatory agencies, so why would you do anything different when entrusting your property investment to a landscaping contractor? Hiring a certified contractor grants the peace-of-mind that many crave; thus, certification begets assurance.

Value is derived in many ways, but ultimately, it stems from the return on investment. One of the ways Brian-Kyles adds value is to ensure that sustainable landscapes are designed, installed and maintained by a team of industry-leading professionals. We consider it to be a mark of distinction. So make the decision simple, hire certified.

LIC cert plaque ken  LIC cert plaque kyle  LIC cert plaque miguel

Our team at Brian-Kyles has several currently-certified professionals and many others pursuing a designation, taking their exams later this month. Here is a complete list of those individuals:

  • Kyle Maurer: Judge (multiple certifications attained)
  • Brian Maurer: Judge (multiple certifications attained)
  • Ken Fern: New Designation: Ornamental Maintenance
  • James Hopkins: Turf Maintenance
  • Nick Huffman: Turf Maintenance
  • Rene Reyes: Hardscape Installation
  • John Friend: Turf Maintenance
  • Cory Dryden: Turf Maintenance
  • Brad Anderson: Turf Maintenance
  • Bob Vrabel: Ornamental Maintenance
  • Shaun Keefer: Ornamental Maintenance
  • Francisco Reyes: Ornamental Maintenance

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