Commercial landscaping can ensure organizations achieve that ideal appeal within their exterior spaces. It can help companies present a professional reputation and drive their recognition across the marketplace. But it’s important to establish an effective working relationship with the company’s commercial landscape contractor if the work is to be successful. And so, within this post, the team at Brian Kyles  highlights 5 tips for success in working with a commercial landscape contractor.

  1. Discuss Objectives in Advance

As the project is beginning, your team should discuss its landscaping objectives with the contractors. There should be clear goals driving the project. Meanwhile, your team and the contractors must be in agreement on the best strategies for achieving all landscaping goals. Once the process has been designed and an agreement reached, the contractor can then begin their work.

  1. Ensure a Rigorous Analysis Process

In working with your commercial landscape contractor, ensure they have in-place a rigorous analysis process. The process should include updates on all changes to the landscape over a set time period, the benefit of these changes and any challenges that are being experienced by the landscaping team. This level of analysis ensures your team has actionable data on the landscaping project, ready to make effective decisions moving forward.

  1. Bring up Questions Immediately

One of the most common mistakes companies make in working with landscape contractors is they don’t immediately address any questions they have for the contractor’s team. This often leads to communication problems in which the company has complaints about the commercial landscape contractor and the contractor doesn’t know a problem exists. When you have a question regarding the company and their work, bring it up to their work team at the earliest convenient time. This will ensure that problematic work is stopped quickly and you can be confident within the results of the company’s landscaping work.

  1. Conduct Regular Meetings with Team Leaders

When crafting the ideal commercial space, it’s imperative that you’re able to take the initiative and collaborate with your contractors. Make sure that you conduct regular meetings with the company’s team leaders. During these meetings, their team will be able to ask you questions and bring up any challenges they face. This also allows you the opportunity to review their progress and learn more on how their work is helping your organization.

  1. Be Clear on Deadlines

A common point of disruption in the business relationships between building owners and commercial contractors is project deadlines. When a deadline is missed, it can cause the company to overspend and may mean that the contractor has to rush to complete the work. By analyzing the deadlines ahead of time and ensuring that all documentation states the deadline for the working project clearly, and repercussions if the deadline is missed, you can ensure your organization is protected moving forward.

Our trusted team are here to guide you in achieving a full return on investment. To speak with our qualified commercial landscape contractors today, call us now at 844-737-4646.

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  • Gloria Durst June 8 2017

    I like how you say that you would want to be sure to discuss the goals of a landscaping project before you hire someone. It would make sense to find someone who shares your goals and knows your vision. My sister is looking for a contractor to help with her landscaping project, so she’ll have to make sure they’re on the same page when she hires them.

  • Annika Larson July 28 2017

    This summer, my husband and I are hoping to re-landscape our yard. We want to make sure we do everything possible to make this an efficient and enjoyable project to create a beautiful yard. Like you said, we will want to make sure we set deadlines ahead of time and ensure that there are documents stating the deadlines clearly to protect our home and move forward.

  • Derek Dewitt September 16 2017

    My wife and I have been thinking about landscaping the yard but we aren’t sure what to expect when hiring a contractor. I like that you suggest bringing up any questions or concerns early on so if there is a problem it can be addressed immediately. We have a very specific design we want to keep so we’ll be sure to find someone who will communicate with us about what we want done. Thanks for sharing!

  • Livia James October 6 2017

    I agree that if we want to succeed in commercial landscape contractors then we should follow these tips.

  • Gerty Gift June 25 2018

    I really liked what you said about discussing your objectives before starting the project. My friend really needs to get some landscaping done around her office building to make it more approachable. I think that having a frank discussion beforehand and continual communication ensures that the project gets done right.

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