Offering Partnership & Sustainability Through Professionalism and Stewardship.

brian-kyles-commercial-landscape-management-pillarsBrian-Kyles has distinguished itself as a dependable partner for professional landscape grounds management services for nearly three decades. Commercial clients of varying types, from business owners to property management companies, have grown to trust Brian-Kyle’s Signature Approach to property management. Our approach, sought by an overwhelming 93% of those in the marketplace, is based on four key principles: Partnership, Stewardship, Professionalism, and Sustainability. Ultimately, it is what guides us to build trust, add value and provide long-term solutions for our clients. Our success in the commercial market place is defined by a client retention rate of 95%, well above the industry benchmark. In addition to long-term partnerships, our commercial property management division has helped Brian-Kyles achieve triple digit sales growth and repeat Weatherhead100 awards.


Operating as an extension of our client’s facilities or operations staff, we provide a “Partnership” that often goes beyond traditional landscape services. It is often defined in opportunity costs, as the value of working with Brian-Kyles comes with the peace of mind of knowing that issues with regards to the landscape will be handled and production will proceed as normal even during winter storms. During the winter months, our emphasis on “Partnership” means that we treat each facility as a priority with a dedicated service team and multiple layers of management all working together for the client’s benefit. Partnership to Brian-Kyles is ultimately about building trust. Providing quality-based landscape services and timely snow and ice removal services allows us plenty of opportunities to build that trust.


kyle-mauer-with-team-memberViewing ourselves as “Stewards” of our client’s property investment enables us to offer an unparalleled level of service. Your property is worth preserving and enhancing. Understanding this, the team at Brian-Kyles provides dedicated and continual service 12 months of the year. Viewing ourselves as stewards of your property places the emphasis on management, not just maintenance, to be proactive in pinpointing potential issues before they arise. In the face of winter’s uncertainty, “Stewardship” translates into a proactive commitment to customer service which is unmatched in the industry.


Our team of nationally-trained and certified landscape leaders provides a “Professional” touch, both in the solutions we offer and how we execute. We understand that the professional end-result is just as important as the manner in which it is achieved. Our “Professionalism” is also made evident by our efficiently organized winter risk-mitigation operations and reliable fleet of mixed-use equipment. Professionalism doubles a core value of our business, but also key tenant in our Signature Approach to property management.


We recognize that value is more than just a well-maintained landscape with curb appeal. Through the development and implementation of “Sustainable” strategies we maximize the value of a real-estate investment. Sustainability means more than just healthy landscapes and healthy budgets. We also understand that “Sustainability” is the assurance of continued operations and safe access during the unpredictability of winter, which is brought about by our sound risk-mitigation strategies.

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