With “Leaf Pick-up” being the common name for a fall clean-up services, most would assume that all we do is pick up leaves.  Much to the contrary, our fall clean-ups are much more involved. What many people fail to think about during this time is the health of their landscape investments.  Many of the included services that are performed during the fall clean-up are done to limit the amount of disease, rot, and fungus that could negatively impact the investment in addition to keeping the landscape clean and aesthetically pleasing.

fall foliageA typical fall clean-up would include services such as the removal of fallen leaves from the turf areas; removal of spring and summer annual flowers; blowing out the debris and fallen leaves within the landscape beds; and cutting back select perennial plant material and ornamental grasses.  Ornamental grasses are cut back to allow new growth to thrive in the spring.  This is performed because they sprout new growth from the root zone each spring, any old growth left in the way would impede the health and growth the following season.  In addition, the removal of matted leaves in the landscape beds is done for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: removing areas that insects and rodents have to hide and breed, as well as keep them from impeding the proper functions of landscape lighting and irrigation.  Just as all of our landscape management services, the fall clean-up is done for the overall health and not just for aesthetic reasons.  The aesthetics are just an added bonus!

What does a fall clean-up do?  It prepares your landscape for that long winter’s nap that we all wish we could sleep through as well.  Thus, allowing it to wake up healthy and much happier in the spring.  Similar to poking that sleeping bear during hibernation, wouldn’t you rather have it sleep peacefully and wake in the spring refreshed and happy?  I know I would!

Well, what happens if you skip this service?  Nothing… and that’s the concern.  When nothing is done to clean-up in the fall, it opens the door for many unforeseen issues.  These could be in the landscape beds, in the turf, or even in the trees on your property.  When leaves are left within the landscape or turf, you are not only keeping unsightly material visible, you are also keeping the plant from receiving the much needed sunlight and oxygen it needs to thrive.  Leaves left on the turf will also cause moisture to get trapped under them which could create a large disease problem next season, adding to the unexpected costs possibilities the following season.

Clients that elect to have our mowing and fall clean-up services, also benefit from the removal of leaves from the turf as they fall throughout the season.  This keeps the sunlight and oxygen readily available to the turf. If you have not elected to have a fall clean-up done at this point, don’t poke that sleeping bear, it may not be too late.  Contact us today for further details.

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