About Us

Our history starts with family. The core foundation of what Brian-Kyles is today can be traced to the hard work, sacrifice and commitment of company founder, Douglas Maurer. Today, Brian-Kyles is proud to be second-generation, family-owned and operated. Much has changed in the years since 1988, but our commitment to our values, team, clients and community remains just as true today as it did back when current President, Brian Maurer, was barely old enough to hold a shovel.

Our mission is to create and maintain distinction in outdoor spaces.

Strict adherence to our core values and mission enable us to work each day with a purpose: To serve those we care about the most. For us, that means both our team and our clients.  Our work is a visual business and we are routinely called to serve when it matters most. That means we have a unique opportunity to be distinctive. To be distinctive in everything that we do.


Values are the principles that guide us. brina-kyles-handshakeOur core values are just as important as the tools and equipment we take with us to each job site. They are evident not just in what we do, but how we do it.

  • Professionalism: Do what you love, love what you do, and take it seriously
    Creating a culture of professionalism that is measurable, through our experienced team, industry-certified managers, diverse skill-set, expansive capabilities, and technical competency.
  • Consistency: Repetition builds trust
    Building trust through excellence of product, timely execution, proactive communication, and creative solutions.
  • Integrity: To do the right thing, right
    By taking ownership of our work and treating others with respect, we select and complete projects in strict adherence to quality and transparency standards.
  • Vision: Our innovation is expressed through our creativity
    From our designs to the solutions we tailor for our clients, our creativity allows us to be most impactful dollar-to-dollar.
  • Stewardship: We are faithful servants;
    proactively committed to building asset value, listening with the intent to understand and openly communicating in order to build long-term partnerships.