Working with landscape contractors can help your organization stand out for its commitment to professionalism and its compelling curb appeal. Now, thousands of business owners partner with landscaping companies to ensure their organization achieves the ideal environment in which to move forward within its industry. But many growing organizations make mistakes during the selection of landscape contractors. And so, within this latest post, our experts highlight four of the most common mistakes owners make when choosing landscape contractors for their organization.

  1. Not Researching the Company’s Past Clients

What kind of experience does the contractor bring to the table? Do they have proven experience helping organizations achieve their ideal landscaping solution? When choosing a company, it’s important that you, as a business owner research their clients. Make contact with their past clients and ask them more about the company’s work and transformative impact on the client’s business.

  1. Agreeing to a Project without Reviewing Paperwork

In working with a local landscaping firm, make sure that you have the paperwork for the project ready for review before the work begins. Have your team review the paperwork carefully to determine if all elements meet the standards required. For example, does the paperwork outline the timeline for the project? Does it ensure that the project is not completed until you provide final approval? These are both critical considerations when analyzing the documentation. You should also clarify any elements that are unclear with the company before the project begins.

  1. Not Considering Design Ideas Before Meeting with the Company

One of the main mistakes businesses make in choosing landscape contractors is not considering potential design plans before meeting with the company’s team. As a business owner, you should take control of this process and help provide ideas that will drive the final design for your property. While this process will be completed in close coordination with the contractors, your design input can help shape the process. You can determine whether you prefer a complex design or a simple yet elegant landscaping solution. You can determine any potential future maintenance work to be completed on the property. Taking control at the start of the project will allow you a greater level of autonomy over the results achieved.

  1. Failing to Review the Company’s Full Range of Services

Companies can often reduce landscaping costs by hiring one specialist to complete all the work on their property. But first it’s important that you learn more about the organization and its full suite of services. Are they able to maintain the property over the long-term? Can they help you in making future changes to the area?

By reviewing the mistakes other business owners make, you can ensure you choose a qualified landscaping contractor with many years’ experience and the ideal services. Why not begin the process by consulting with the experienced team at Brian-Kyles? Call us now at 844-737-4646 to learn more.

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